Name Position Phone Email
Chrystal Adams Nixon Group Facilitator
Jill Armstrong STARS Employment Readiness Specialist 727-954-3993
Gail Odom Case Manager 727-418-3362
Terrika Burton-Hobbs STARS Employment Readiness Specialist 727-954-3993
Felicia Byers Webb Counselor/Pasco Services Development 727-614-2980
Robert Finn Case Manager/ Group Instructor 727-313-2938
Tiffany Gordon STARS Instructor 727-313-2608
Rico Green Case Manager/BIP Facilitator 727-557-5194
Michael Jalazo Executive Director 727-954-3993
AJ Murphy Group Facilitator 727-557-5193
Sandy Nedd Clinical Director 727-316-0330
Dalean Rials Cohort of Champions 1–855-505-7372
Tracy Roberts Data & Contract Manager 727-512-1838
Jennifer Trivoli Director of Operations 1–855-505-7372 ext. 202